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Why use SocialBoard?

Amplify social content

Social Content

Leveraging customer content encourages engagement, drives brand loyalty and ultimately sells your product or message.

SocialBoard lets you stream your business’ content, your customers’ content and your campaign’s hashtag content. Our social feeds connect your customers, enhance the power of your audience and take your overall brand digital experience to a different level.

You may choose to just display your own feeds, or you may combine them with posts from your customers and fans. You can monitor and re-publish all the conversation around your brand, events and products.

Any campaign hashtag can be easily streamed in an elegantly designed feed.

Featured promotions

Seamlessly sell or share anything inside your hub with our featured promotions option. Your campaign content will feature on top or will get published repeatedly for maximum visibility.

Just choose your media: text, image, or video. Then use SocialBoard to push your stories or featured promotions at the top. Choose your start and end date for your campaign

Social Content

Capitalize on UGC

Social Content

We all have our unique story and the best brand content is one actually created by your customers. Integrate user-generated content (UGC) into your websites or digital screens to increase marketing performance. UGC drives more repeat visits and more time spent on site.

Position yourself ahead of other brands by capitalizing on content created by customers. While most brands aren’t extracting the full value, Social Board gives you the opportunity to incorporate valuable and positive customer content into your campaigns.

Aggregate from all major social media channels, including your campaign hashtags.

Who are our customers?

social board

Malls & Shops

Shopping is a happy activity – so why not share the happy feeling?

Through Social Board, malls are able to capitalize on the excitement of shopping by streaming customers’ social media posts, and allowing then to share the latest shopping or dining experiences with their friends.

Malls can place this content onto their website to further promote their brand or drive engagement. They may also choose to take this a step further and place huge digital screens inside their venues, allowing their customers to see their posts being published live (or moderated real-time, with an almost ‘live’ effect).

Your customers are your best marketers. Promoting their positive content is actually free, genuine marketing material.

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In a work where most of travellers book their trips based on social media advice, great experiences must be shared. Your hotel’s best - and free - marketing is the one driven by your happy customers.

Tap into your guests’ stories and promote their beautiful holidays spent at your hotel. Enhance your website with authentic stories from your guests and inspire new guests to book.

Use this content across not just on your website, but also in your hotel lobby and your outdoor venues and activities.

social board

Universities & educational establishments

SocialBoard allows you to connect current and prospective students, parents, faculty staff and alumni.

Students are already one of the most active groups on social media. Re-posting their content through SocialBoard feeds will drive conversation and promote your educational establishment, facilitating better recruitment of new students.

social board

Organizers of live events

Concerts, festivals and live activations always inspire the public to post on social media. Tap into their excitement and amplify it through SocialBoard.

Display their content on giant screens during the event and allow them to see their comments and images come to life. Our easy-to-moderate tool allows you to manage all this content, so no ride or negative posts disturb the mood.

Fans love to see their posts and pictures on the big screen. Mix their posts with your advertising material to maximize the marketing value of your social stream.

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